Sunday, March 27, 2011

Control Panel Build

I have begun working on the control panel.  First thing I did was layout all of the holes for switches, heat-sinks, twist lock outlet's, & temp probe cables.  I modeled up my box in 3D and included my 2D hole locations.  This allowed me to create nc programs directly from my CAD data.  The control box needed to be machined on 4 sides.  Here is a pic of the control box before machining.  This electrical enclosure is 16"x12"x8"  and was purchased on ebay.

The first side I machined was the front door.  The front panel is where all the switches for the elements and pumps, an e-stop button, a system start button, and a selector switch for selecting between the HLT and Brew Kettle elements.

Next I machined the top of the enclosure.  This is where the heat sinks for the SSR's will go.  I purchased 2 large aluminum heat sinks from ebay.  I could not fit both heat sinks on the top so  I had to shorten one of the heat sinks by one SSR station.  This involved cutting and drilling and tapping new holes in the heat sink.

The bottom is where I machined holes for the twist lock outlets.  This is where the pumps and elements will plug into.

Last is the left end.  This is where the temp probes will enter the control panel.

Here is a pic with all of the switches.

Here is one with the heat sinks installed.

Here is a pic of all the pc's for the inside of the control panel.

Now back to work.
Cheers ,

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Pots are on the Stand!

The pots are back on the stand and mocked up with fittings.  Next I will be cleaning and polishing them with Bar Keepers Friend.  Work has begun on the control panel.  I will post those pics shortly.


Thursday, March 3, 2011

In With the New....Let the Build Begin!!

I have most of the components collected for the brewery build.  The pots have been drilled and welded.  The welds are being cleaned up at the moment.  Here is a picture of the drilled pots on the brew cart.

Top left is the Mash Tun, Top right is the Brew Kettle, and Bottom middle is the HLT.


Out With the Old!!

Here is Willows Brewery's previous equipment:

15gallon Stainless Steel Custom Brew Kettle

15gallon Stainless Steel Custom HLT

15gallon Ice Cube Custom Mash Tun with custom copper manifold

Chugger Pump with stainless steel head

50' Copper Immersion Chiller 1/2" diameter


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Willows Electric Brewery

Willows Electric Brewery will be an all electric home brewery capable of producing 1/2bbl.

It will consist of the following:

20 gallon Stainless Steel Brew Kettle with a single 5500W 240v heating element

20 gallon Stainless Steel HLT with a single 5500 watt 240v heating element

20 gallon Stainless Steel Mash Tun with full false bottom

Stainless Steel RIMS tube with a single 1500 watt 240v heating element to maintain and raise mash temps

2 chugger pumps with stainless steel heads

Chillus Convolutus wort chiller

Control Panel housing a BSC460 as well as HOA (hand off auto) illuminated switches

Stainless Steel table with casters

Barley Crusher Grain Mill with 15lb hopper

Stir Plate

RO Filtering System

2 25gallon plastic fermenters

Temperature Controlled Fermentation Chamber