Monday, May 23, 2011

1st Batch in the Fermenter.

    Well Saturday night I decided to brew up my Summer Wheat, taking the electric brewery on it's maiden voyage.  Everything went great.  I hit all my numbers and the sparge flowed smoothly.  The grain bill was half white wheat so I tossed in a couple of scoops of rice hulls to help with sparge flow.  Both pumps worked flawlessly and I had no priming issues at all.  The RIMS tube maintained my mash temp perfectly and I was able to chill the wort down to 68f in less than 30 minutes with the chillus convolutus.
    I have to say I am in love with electric brewing, no loud ass propane jet burners blasting or fear of asphyxiation, just the hum of the pumps and whatever music I am brewing to.

Mashing with RIMS Tube

Boiling 17.5 gallons of wort

Next is to set up my temperature controlled fermentation chamber.  This way I can pump from the brew kettle directly into the fermenter since the fermentation chamber will be sitting right next to the brew stand.  I am sick of fermenting in the basement, that trip up and down the stairs is getting old.


Friday, May 20, 2011

Almost ready for the Maiden Voyage.

Well the new wire (8-3 w ground) has been run.  The control panel and gfci spa panel have been mounted.  All the kettles have been fitted and sight glasses have been calibrated.  All the elements have been wired.  RIMS tube and wort pump have been wired and mounted.  I have done several wet runs and every thing works awesome.  I am loving the bsc-460.  Here are a couple of pics before mounting the RIMS Tube.

Now all I have left to do is wire the water pump, mount it to the cart, and make a couple more hoses.
I am hoping to brew by no later then next weekend.
I am going to brew my Summer Wheat.  It is a nice light American wheat beer so if I get any scorching it will stick out in this beer.