Monday, May 23, 2011

1st Batch in the Fermenter.

    Well Saturday night I decided to brew up my Summer Wheat, taking the electric brewery on it's maiden voyage.  Everything went great.  I hit all my numbers and the sparge flowed smoothly.  The grain bill was half white wheat so I tossed in a couple of scoops of rice hulls to help with sparge flow.  Both pumps worked flawlessly and I had no priming issues at all.  The RIMS tube maintained my mash temp perfectly and I was able to chill the wort down to 68f in less than 30 minutes with the chillus convolutus.
    I have to say I am in love with electric brewing, no loud ass propane jet burners blasting or fear of asphyxiation, just the hum of the pumps and whatever music I am brewing to.

Mashing with RIMS Tube

Boiling 17.5 gallons of wort

Next is to set up my temperature controlled fermentation chamber.  This way I can pump from the brew kettle directly into the fermenter since the fermentation chamber will be sitting right next to the brew stand.  I am sick of fermenting in the basement, that trip up and down the stairs is getting old.


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